dinsdag 9 juni 2015

Andromeda's Gates - Arrival at Marden

For my second build into this great new roleplay over on Eurobricks, I wanted to go a bit against the corporation main plan and chose to build for it`s secondary target, Marden. 

An Ice planet near our homeworld, and my sigfig being based on the Ice Planet 2002 theme, it is in a way no wonder I wanted to be the first to set foot on the icy rock.

*** Start Log ***

Junali 9th, AD 3815

Survey Probe ICE-001 mission report

Thesseus B. Von Geekington

All things are going as scheduled.  Drawing on our experience as an iceminer, the survey probe ICE-001 has succesfully been delivered to our yet unexplored neighbour of Marden, located on the grid at C10.

Initial scans showed a big iced over planet, so we send the orbital lander Mitgard to set down on the planet and deploy the probes to have a look around before we are moving in and start extracting the grounds riches for our purposes.

Being the true pioneers to this world, we can already report that no alien life is showing up on the initial surveys, and that the temperatures are so cold that the water is actually cristallised. 

ICE-001 has deployed it`s plasma saw to take samples of this phenomena, and will continue to look where the biomass readings are originating from.

*** End Log ***

Well, I`m apparently indeed the very first soul to have taken an intrest in this ball of ice neighbouring our homeplanet of Orinshi, and my GoH icy experience might help a bit in building for this planet.

The goal, to become the Emperor of Marden of course ;-)

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