woensdag 3 juni 2015

MOC: The Beacon of Merak

Remember that awesome scene in Return of the King where Gondor lighted up the beacons to plea for help from Rohan?  Well, over on Eurobricks, Mitgardia is doing the same thing, as the storyline of the Frozen Beyond proceeds.  The Algus have began their invasion in earnest, and now the beacons are lid to rally the North.

I`m actually also a bit proud I was the one that brought on the idea for this particular part to get it into the storyline :-)

Varton sat in his small wooden shack, gazing at the horizon.  He had heard stories of a big civil war far down in the south, where a certain Desert King was taking over the rule of Kaliphlim, but that was not of any concern to the North these days.

The Algus had been assaulting his homelands for months now, and only recently did they learn the name of the foe...

Then, his mouth fell open...

He gazed into the distance.  It was true, it is true, it will come to pass.  He jumped up, grabbed his oily torch and ran onto the top of the hill.

Uridius Keep!  The Beacon of Uridius Keep is lit!  The North awakens!

He lighted up his own torch and set the Beacon of Merak ablaze.  Flames roared upwards in the big bonfire, and the word would continue to travel!

This was a rather fun build to do, especially the `flameworks`.  Now, let the word travel further and the beacons all be lighted up over Mitgardia.

Let`s wait and see how far this will carry and what Mitgardia will do against the invaders!

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