donderdag 18 juni 2015

Building Ant-Man

Normally, this weeks build would have finally been the Star Wars Vulture Droid, who had been backpushed before.  Unfortunatly... he is being pushed back again as my long anticipated set fell in the mailbox past monday.

The whole wave of the newest, upcoming Marvel movie, Ant-Man, consists of this single, just under 200 pieces set, 76039 Ant-Man The Final Battle

The set is full of spoilers, as the title alone suggest, you can see what to expect...

Opening the box, we get a new Lego comic that details this movie and the new Spidey sets, as well as two polybags of parts, two very big wings and the instructions and sticker sheet.

The first part of the build is the Yellowjacket suit, with all it`s tenctacled madness.

The backpack comes with two stud shooters and is then attached to the back of the figure to be posed.

The helmet (actually, ALL the helmets in this set) have transparent pieces that you can see the eyes through.

Which you can also see here with Scott Lang, as well as two of the new ant insects.

We then proceed to build the `junk` that is lying on a table to make the figures looking small.  This consists of the funny thing of building a Lego brick out of Lego bricks and adding stickers to it with the Lego imprint on.

The flat plate you build this way also doubles as a catapult that can throw screws at your enemies.

These screws are also brickbuild, and come with the cross section decalled on.

Moving to the second bag, we probably get THE biggest spoiler of the set.  Hank Pym in Ant Man suit.  Now, I don`t believe Michael Douglas will actually be wearing it in the movie, as it also comes with a black head piece.  I think this will turn out to be the `prototype` suit or something, which will be displayed in a locker somewhere.  If not, this is the bomb of a spoiler.

The second bag is all about Scott`s mount, a flying ant.  We start by laying down the foundations using dark red arches.

The main body section is where the feet of the ant are connected to.  Originally, there was an issue with these, but it has been solved by adding the small cones and technic bar in between the connector and feet, improving as well it`s stability.

Next we have the dark blue back section of the body, using snot to make it bulbuous.

This is then connected to the main body.

The next thing to do is to make the head of the insect.

It`s mandibles are visible, and then it is connected to the main body as well, creating the three segmented ant body.

The feet are then inserted into the middle section.

Using very large plastic printed wing pieces, we fold them at the smaller side and secure it with technic axles before inserting them in the body section.

The set comes with a super jumper which we toss far away in a corner for the well known issues, and a nice selection of left over pieces.

And then we have this awesome set standing together completed!
I personally love this set, it`s amall, but it has GREAT colour selections and fantastic minifigures!!!

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