donderdag 25 juni 2015

Building the Jungle Trap

For this weeks build report, I`m tackling a small but nifty set.  

Set 70752 from the Ninjago 2015 line, Jungle Trap, is a small set of around 8 euro, and when it was in promotion at Kruidvat this year I bought half a dozen of them.

The reason is pretty simple, some great elements for my MOCcing endeavours, and the snake warrior minifig, whom I think are amongst the best new minifigures of 2015.

His printed torso and snake skull helmet are just great, and Kai has a handy hairpiece as well.

The build starts on a green 4x4 plate.

On that plate, we start by building up the rockwork that is the base of the small trap.

The trap itself is a pair of swooshing blades, think Indiana Jones movies in style.

These are then placed on the heightened rock and woodwork, and a totem (to honor a skeletal leg?) is placed at the bottom.

This leg actually serves as the holder for Kai`s special weapon, which he is trying to retrieve in this little set.

Add some greenery and the trap is done.

The set stands completed:

And of course, there was again a small amount of extra pieces...

All in all, this is a more then okay set.  Ninjago and Chima for me are both ready sources for MOC elements, as you often find them in promotions, and I`m glad the ninja`s are going into the jungle now after their robotic exploits of the previous series!

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