dinsdag 2 juni 2015

Andromeda's Gates

In the same manner as Guilds of Historica, Eurobricks has recently started a `science fiction` equivalent role-playing game.

Andromeda's Gates is the name of the project, and the general idea is the same in that you join a faction, here called a Corporation, and pick a job.

The goal is for your faction to gain control of as much planets as possible, gain more and more resources from them and use those to build up your Corporation's tech tree, which then in turn grants additional benefits.

Every job yields bonus `credits` for a builder if he builds within his area of expertise, and those credits allow you to buy upgrades for your sig-fig.

So I jumped in.  This should prove a welcome change from building in my more regular fantasy style settings and give myself a go at spaceships and alien landscapes for one.  It will run, like GoH, things like Challenges and the likes, so after some consideration I picked a company and a job.

The Corporations are:

Octan Corporation, a large industrialist company out to mine for profits.

Kawashita Group, more the neutral faction, they specialise in information

MANTIS, the freebooters and freelancers of the setting.

In the end, I went for the Kawashita Group, also because their typical colors of Dark Grey and Red are available in my collection, and choose the job of Pilot, in which I will try to build mainly towards `freighter` vessels. 

I knew all those files from my old wargaming spaceship days would come in handy some day, as will the old folders of EVE and Freelancer screenshots ;-)

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