dinsdag 16 juni 2015

When it all comes at once: Today`s Haul

It must have been Christmas today, as due to a series of circumstances, I got about everything I `scored` the past few days in one go.

So what has been added to the land of Geekiness?

The first thing, my Lego order arrived... split over four boxes due to not in stocks and back orders and whot not`s... in a timespan of two working days.  Pretty silly but heck, Lego must be Danmark`s biggest cardboard manufacturer if you ask me.

Also, the Ant Man set is just great, it`s been build already and will be featured this thursday as my weekly Build report, pushing the originally planned build report to the back of the list... which is currently end of october.  What backlog?

And it came with the second of 6 posters (hence why the Micro snowspeeder was included).

The second big score was from the auctioneer house.  I`d actually won this lot past week, but they forgot to give me a call until yesterday, so I went to pick it up.  I paid 8.40 euro for the whole lot, meaning each boardgame knocking me back 1.68 euro.

These two, I don`t care about, they where in it, so be it, and they`ll probably end up on some flea market some day.

But this, this is great trading value.  Decent condition, complete, we have two Stratego games.  The Star Wars edition of 2002 and the Marvel Superheroes edition.  Both should be wielding a nice heap of bricky funds.

And then we have what I was actually after in the whole lot; yet another Minotaurus game for my stash.  Not that I play the game, but the Baseplate alone would have costed me as much, and I get a bunch of green bricks and tiles on top.

While going there, I picked up this from the local Kringloop as well, at 2.25 not a super bargain, but a good one none the less.

Tonight, I`m revisiting some certain islands with big lizards running around... as my copy of Jurassic World, with Dr Wu promobag, was waiting for me.

And it didn`t end there... because when I went to pick up a newspaper, they had the recent Ninjago magazine with the Krait minifig... so add that to the tally as well.

It definitly seems like Christmas did indeed come early ;-)

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