zaterdag 6 juni 2015

Classic Lego Build: Spyrius 6835 Saucer Scout

Perhaps after Ice Planet 2002 and then M-Tron, I like the Spyrius subrange of space the most of the classical ranges.

A heap of `semi evil` computer hackers, they had some large robots as vehicles, but also some flying saucer like spaceships, and today I`m tackling the smaller of the two.

The old price tag is an utopia, it would convert to 3.5 euro these days for a boxed set, not bad for a 41 piece set including a large transparent window piece.

The Spyrius minifigures came in a blue, black and red scheme, with great torso printing and head prints including usually a headband and microphone.

The saucer base are two small wing parts connected together with what will become the pilot`s seating.

Large red `cockpit bottoms` are then added to give it it`s saucer like style.

As all the pieces are secured in place by black corner plates, we add the slope where the pilot will be leaning against in his vessel.

The final part is adding the engines and the large blue canopy, as well as another cool printed piece near the nose.

Putting the pilot in and a sensor on the roof, we now have one completed saucer scout to flip and flop around the galaxy in search for unguarded terminals...

After the not so liked by me classic Futuron sets I reported on the past days, this was a welcome change and one I loved putting together and yes, I have been spotted swooshing it through the living room going all `blip blip blip`...

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