maandag 29 juni 2015

Inspirational Lego 24

Welcome to another episode of the best builds I enjoyed on the internet the past week.

Standing before a week of heatwave over here in lil` ol` Belgium, with temperatures going in the higher 30s, I`ll be having a lot of time to enjoy surfing around as I`m not a lover of hot weather at all and will be sheltering almost every day hehe.

Last week BrickWorld was about in Chicago, and a lot of awesome things where on display there, but this definitly caught my eye: Brick Tech.

It`s the classic Battletech miniature game, but with Lego build mecha and scenery.  My old wargamer heart smiled with joy when drooling over the pictures ;-)

Also at BWC, was this incredible buste of `The Pale Man`, creepy in all it`s bricky galore.

And not creepy, but no less awesome, let`s play Vocaloid with this incredible mosaic build.

On different notes, at Eurobricks, the team I was part of and did some limited contributions (though I did manage to conquer two grids in the game) won the challenge C in Kaliphlim, and one of our team`s builders made this flag parade as the Desert King returned victorious.  It`s filled with nifty little details and jokes!

The new Batmobile has been recently revealed as well, and soon the first MOC`s of the machine appeared online, like this excellent rendition:

This is one beautiful river steamer, it was part of a larger layout, but caught my eye immediatly

Queen Amidala in a well known scene from the `prequel trilogy`...

On MOCPages, I came along this gorgeous rendition of a classic Sherlock Holmes image, well executed!

These Chinese workers in a rice field, an entry for the CCC, is just beautifully and realisticly done.

As is this goat that has a chibi feel to it ;-)

And so there we are, another 10 great finds over on the web the past week, hope you enjoyed it, and now to start nagging the Nemesis to get him into Lego and start battling with Bricky Mechs ;-)

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