donderdag 31 maart 2016

The Secret Treasure of Cocovia

Last time we saw famous `first contact specialist` Your Honourable Doctor Atreides Lapzwanzer, he was entering a Mysterious Cave on a then unspecified location.

However, in the meantime we have learned that the island is called `Cocovia`, or Chocolate Island by one of it`s mayor`s.  But we never learned what happened inside that cave.

Well, this...

The professor received from the tribal chief, L`ulkoek`us, one of the treasures of the island, a sweet yet bitter substance called `chocolate`.  This product, made from beans, is said to have a great effect on the moodswings of the female species.  As presented by the calm demeanor of the chief`s wife, Boemsie-Boemsie.

A pretty simple build actually, this one was made to be able to proceed the storyline for Quinnsville, centered around coffee and chocolate.  The coffee coming soon(ish ish).

Thank god for the new Elves range and their chocolate bar ;-)

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