donderdag 3 augustus 2017

After School Special

A movie from a very special niche of films, being the "late night flicks" genre that, when your like a 14 year old hitting puberty, are those sorts of "black label" films.

You know, the ones that feature some nudity in them, but aren`t fully fledged adult movies, even though they often feature adult stars in them.

Like this one, who features cult icon Ron Jeremy amongst it's cast.  Now, while most of the actresses are known (or reknown) for some skills, acting per se isn`t amongst them.  The list of adult actresses succesfully pursuing a regular acting career is pretty short after all.

In this all over the place "action drama", teen stepbrothers, Danny, a wannabe entrepreneur, and Ajay, an artistic dreamer, pull off an elaborate prank on the last day of school. Caught in the act, they're assigned to a summer mentor: lascivious bar owner, Tyler Lavey. When Tyler enlists the boys to make a delivery to a private party, they unwittingly stumble upon an underground society hiding some very dirty secrets. After Tyler's own niece is taken captive, he turns to proteges Danny and Ajay and former CIA agent Grandma Alice to stage one kick-ass rescue.

Yeah, that`s a really intresting storyline don`t you think.  Well, it`s a horrible flick, even the fanservice is pretty low in this gig, so you wouldn`t even want to watch it for THAT reason anyways, and with all those free adult sites around the internet nowadays, even the puberal lure of these late night films is seriously dwindling.

But, I got a couple of them still having to be watched, so I`m going to struggle through seeing them,  realising I`ll be wasting an hour and a half of my life every time I watch one of these aberations of the movie industry.

Pray for my soul!

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