dinsdag 8 augustus 2017

Build Report: 41114 Friends Party Styling

This small set of the Friends range is one of those small animal based sets they've put out for the small change range, available at around 5 euro a piece if you look around a little.

These sets are great value is you look to bump the part collection for pastel coloured elements, and the kitten is a lovely little beastie to add to builds left and right.

Opening the box you get the small sticker, which I didn`t add to the piece during the build mind you, the instruction leaflet and a pile of about 50 elements

The kitten comes with a small party hat, and a fish is also included in the box.

The first little build we make is a small present for the birthday kitty, being a lovely bow tie in abox with printed lit.

The main build itself is made upon a lime plate of 6x8, with jumpers and a 2x4 magenta plate added.

A turntable base is then added to this for the rotating podium.

On this podium is a basin, based around pink macaroni elements and comes with a shiny golden tap.

This can turn around to where the mirror sticker should be placed, so you can switch between the basin and a mirror for grooming the kitten.

The invitation tile is also a printed element.

Decorations are then added to the build, like a broom, bottle, a balloon and such likes...

We get a few extra pieces as usual in the set

And the build stands completed:

As I said in the beginning, these little boxes are great for the parts, and the kitten is a welcome addition to the collection.  The benefit they are often on sale at 3 for 2 and the likes in Kruidvat only adds to their attraction value...

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