dinsdag 29 augustus 2017

Transformers Tiny Turbo Changers blindbag opening

With the Last Knight came a series of blindbags for the Transformers line, and I found some of them in the Intertoys in Geldrop.

Now, I don`t want to just grab at random and end with a couple of doubles, nor do I want to collect the whole series.

So a quick search gave me the bumpcodes for the wave, to be found HERE.  These codes are located at the back (sorry, the picture doesn`t really show them), but slightly to the left above the Hasbro logo, there is a number imprinted on the bags.  About a centimeter further left of this code is a single letter, and that is the model that is in the bag.

So that would mean I picked out the Grimlock (I always loved the Dinobots) and Crosshairs, because, well, my criteria of buying a Transformer is that he is
a) an Autobot
b) usually transforms into a cool car

This is a general rule of thumb, as as a kid I liked for example Superion far over Defensor, though in the new series I bought neither.

Turbo Changers are small 2 - 3 step transforming, rather softish plastic models of about 4 cms in height, and come only with the most basest of paint jobs on them.  Perhaps their biggest attraction is their sort of Chibi style robot forms, like those mono-pose bags that where on sale here about a year ago and just contained small, non transforming, G1 lookalike characters.

The first bag contained indeed Grimlock, in a beige colourstyle compared to the more traditional grey and golds.  The dino looks actually quite nice bar perhaps the "blocky" part of his feet hanging under the T-rex'es maw.

Transforming him is simple, turn around the hindlegs and split the head open, and he is all done, but he looks fine for such a small little fellow.

Crosshairs, the irish sniper in the movie, is perhaps well detailed in his carmode, but it suffers from his non painted windows on this mode imho.

Again he has a simple transformation of putting back the hubcap (which becomes a big block at the backside) and pointing the arms forward, but the seen from the front, and even with the limited paintjob, he looks fine.

These are cute and small models, nothing to fancy and just nice little gimmicks in a collection if you ask me.

And they stand nicely in my toy display cabinet now, Grimlock in his dino mode, while Crosshairs is displayed as a robot.

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