vrijdag 18 augustus 2017

Age of Sigmar: Skirmish

With Path to Glory out this month, Skirmish is now the ruleset for the smallest sorts of actions in the Age of Sigmar game universe.

A small booklet at about 40 pages, this is never the less good value for the 8 euro the book costs.

Set in the city of Shadespire, in the plane of Death, this game set allows small roving warbands (between 5 to 20 models) to duke it out for fame and fortune.  Think of it a bit as Mordheim "light" if you will.

There are army lists included in the book for most "main" alliances, as well as the special items and skills that can be obtained.  There are some differences between AoS and this though, logical ones mostly like unit cohesion, but also to prevent the spamming of arcane bolts for example.

All in all a nice booklet, and filled with lovely pictures and artwork as we are used to by all the big fantasy companies these days.

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