donderdag 3 augustus 2017

Future War Commander: Night Lords Detachment

The latest set of figures I painted for my 6mm force, is this small section of Night Lords to go with my Emperor's Children.

Like the Alpha Legion, this is just a small contignent to break up the colour scheme, and as a test for the big 40k plans I have on Legions... to field over time 4 of them.

I picked some stands suitable for the legion, in that it has it`s own CO (painting that winged skull was misery) as well as a unit of Assault Marines, and a Land Speeder as support.

I went for fully red helmets to have some difference with that other dark blue detachment of the Alpha Legion, even though their pre-heresy scheme where dark blue and grey / silver for both of them. 

Next in the 6mm planning are more Emperor's Children, as well as a detachment of Word Bearers, but the coming week I`ll be focussing more on my 40k as I want to get my forces battle ready soonishly...

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