zaterdag 5 augustus 2017

On the Painting Desk 6

Well, let`s start by saying I didn`t get as many work done on the Chaos Marines as I would liked to have done.

It`s been a busy week, and the coming one isn`t much better, while the one after that I will be away on holdiays... so I *hope* to get them in their "basic colours" this week.

So far, they have been "pinked and inked" and the next phase will be first a drybrush, followed by blacking in the non-pink parts.  That`s my goal for them the coming week, everything more will be bonus.

I did do some work on my Future War Commander force, with some support units and the Night Lords detachment, and in between working on the marines I hope to do at least the units that will go in my Emperor's Children force, basically everything from  the purple dreadnought until the right border.

So that`s a bit of work on the shelf, so let`s see how it turns out in a week!

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