vrijdag 25 augustus 2017

Warpfire Dragon

The first model for my budding Slaanesh army, this isn`t one I actually painted just now, but which has been standing in a glass cabinet since I went on a hiatus.

But I really adore the model (no idea where I ever got it, that`s lost in the hibijibies of my mind) and I`m going to use it on occassion as a Warpfire Dragon in games of AoS... if I can find it`s points value that is.

An oriental wind dragon, this was a model I spend considerable time on years ago (it`s probably somewhere on this blog 5 - 6 years ago) to paint, as I wanted to bring out all the curves of the airstream.

A small step to get going, but a step none the less, as I want my Slaanesh AoS force ready by easter 2018...

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