maandag 21 augustus 2017

TSA Bread and Games 2017

Also known as the club barbeque...

Past saturday, about 60 members and sympathisers gathered at our venue in Ekeren for the annual BBQ.

Hosted by the club, the entry price was a measly 20 euro for 5 pieces of grilled meat (there was a lot left over, so you could basically have a munch fest) and all the surrounding things called "vegetables" and such.

Of course, no gathering of gamers would be complete without the obligatory game event, and we sat down for a Dungeon Crawl.

Fate dealt me a guild full of healers and support casters, so I was pretty chanceless in the game, but it was great fun, and the models are totally drop dead gorgeous.

Sunday saw another sort of game, but that post is for later as I got to sort through 125+ pictures of it first ;-)

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