zondag 13 augustus 2017

The Haul Report 94

Hello everyone to another week of hauling stuff for the collection, and it's mostly Chaos this week.


The first thing I grabbed was a model to serve as a Chaos Spawn in my Slaaneshi forces, produced by Kromlech.

I also picked up a heap of reading material at the Games Workshop store, with the newest White Dwarf, the Skirmish booklet for Age of Sigmar, and the Grand Alliance book for Chaos.  This allows me to no longer print all those needed warscrolls, and just flip through the book to the relevant pages.

The beauty catch of the week is the model that will serve as my Daemon Princess, the Lady of Corruption by the canadian company Creature Castings.  At 50 euro she isn`t that expensive at all for a large resin model, even though the import duties did sting at 32 euro.  Oh well, she is worth it.

The final thing I bought is a new heavy duty vape machine

I haz flashy lights...

And now I`m going to pack my bags for a weeklong holiday, so I doubt I`ll have any hauls next episode though...

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