zondag 6 augustus 2017

The Haul Report 93

Hello everyone to another week of heaps of goodies, and it`s been a pretty big one.

And it included a lot of stuff I got through my wargames club, thanks peeps for helping out my forces.

The first thing I got was a purchase from eBay, the old Morathi model who will serve for now as my Hag in the Daughters of Khaine contignent.  I pulled an all-nighter on her to get her ready for battle past friday, and I really like the old model.  She has a certain majesty to her.

Wednesday I had a "date" with Patrick from TSA in Antwerp, and I got his Dux books and cards.  He didn`t want to commit to a campaign anymore, so I got his material to rumble through the UK in a quest to become Dux Britanniarum the coming months.

I also picked up a box of Possessed in the local Games Workshop to expand my force.

Talking expaning forces, Papa Nurgle (aka my Nemesis) provided me with some sets of figures for my Slaanesh force.  The Cultist box will give me some cheap fodder, together with an Aspiring Champion who will serve as my warlord in the smaller games. 
The two boxes of regular Marines are to become the crew members of the Quad Heavy Bolters that will be my main weapon versus small runt armies like Imperial Guard, Tau, Orks or even his own Pox Walkers.
The Lust Elf model from Raging Heroes is looking forward to beginning her career as a Herald of Slaanesh as well, to use in both 40k as well as Age of Sigmar.

At TSA friday, Albert brought along some epic figures for my Future War Commander force.  The 5 Rhino`s are to have some transports for my Marine Corps list, while the two blisters of Slaaneshi Titans will form the backbone of the heavy guns.

The final thing I got where two figures from the Crisis shows I missed over the years, Peter Minuit who will make a fantastic trader figure for 15th century gaming, and our beloved "soldier king" Albert I who fought in World War 1.

A great heap of loot, and I`ll be having some decent painting lines formed up the coming weeks as such :-)

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