zondag 27 augustus 2017

Build Report: 6239 Cannon Battle

One of the great army builder sets from the previous Pirates line, this gives you both a pirate as an Imperial soldier.

And of course a cannon, all packaged with a few bricks for the rest...

Opening the small box, you get two bags of elements and the instructions leaflet.

The two minifigures, always a handy thing.

A small wall section is included for the poor pirate to hide behind, not handy if one is shooting lead balls at your head in my opinion though.

The cannon itself is build on a wheeled carriage.

Like every set, you get a few additional pieces:

And the full set completed

For the bit of money these tended to cost, and they often went in heavy discount at big retail chains, it`s a great set to expand on your pirate forces, no matter which "side" you build in.

And one can always use extra cannons...

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