maandag 21 augustus 2017

TSA Age of Sigmar Megabattle 2017

Yesterday, a truly humongous battle in the Age of Sigmar took place at our clubhouse.

Including the reinforcement points for each side to bring back lost units, this was a staggering 22.500 points per side as the forces of Order faced off against an unholy alliance of Death and Chaos.

The side of the Alliance was led by the Dwarfs, while bolstered by a large Empire force, two Stormcast armies, a force of High Elves, a large force of Seraphon...

... and my own small Hochland centered Empire force.

Opposing us was a force of Undead, and a triumvirate of Chaos legions, all led by a Khornite general.

Of course, the first things we needed to do was deploy forces on the table, and with Order on the defensive, our job was to try and hold various scenery pieces on the table.  Meanwhile, the dark forces would steamroll towards our line, including a flying squadron of Bloodthirsters led by Skarbrand...

Once more my Elector, tasked to guard a tower on the far edge in cooperation with a detachment of Stormcasts, found himself really small...

During this first turn, blood was only drawn by the Order force.  Little did we realise this would be the ONLY turn we would have the initiative, and that it would cost us dearly.

During the second turn, the dark alliance made way at full speed to our line, and the first combats took place.  My line was preparing itself for the large cavalry force of Nurgle coming it's way, and the order of Hold the Line was heard.
 Seems like meat is back on the menu!

 Incoming!  Hold the Line!!!!

 Legions of warriors march past the portal

We outscored the dark alliance though still by the end of this second turn.

In turn three, where we really could have used the initiative, battle was joined as the wave crashed into out lines.  An extra round of shooting would have bagged the battle for us right there, but alas it was not to be. 

 The Royal Khornite Airforce strikes home

 Coffeemilling time for those horsies

 Seraphon prepare themselves to face blocks of Chaos Warriors

 The Celestial Prime descends from the heavens

 The hunt on the second Chaos Knight unit is open
 The Empire holds on

Casualties mounted on both sides and even though we still outscored our evil opponents, our line was starting to crumble under the onslaught.

As we didn`t to get the initiative once again, Chaos charged where it wanted and there was nothing we could do apart from offering localised resistance.  David and mine's flank defeated the total Nurgle force on our side, and where mopping up stragglers, but further down the line it didn`t go so well as our left flank was collapsing.
 A summoned Bloodthirster claims possession of the well
 While reappeared Chaos Hounds do the same with the Tin Mine

 Khorne troops throw themselves on the Imperial line

 Neferata overlooks the massacre

 The mopping up begins

 Big dragons and vampires decimate the High Elf force
 A Nurgle sorcerer dies to a lucky 11 inch charge of the Altdorf First halberdier unit

 The Glotkin was a constant threat on our flank

Big points where scored by the enemy, and now we where suddenly trailing.

Turn 5 was cancelled due to the hour getting late, but our plan at that point would have netted at least a draw, as all our units where in place to capture or at least contest the objectives, which now fell in the hands of Chaos, a difference of 35 point.  Considering we lost by about 40 points though...

All that was left to do now was clean up the venue and go home after a fantastic day of gaming and great fun. 

The final tally of my casualties where really moderate.  I only lost the single unit of Greatswords, and some loose figs left and right in my State Troop regiments.  Truth to be told, that was partly due to being ignored by the Nurgle player in favour of my Stromcast buddy's bigger models, but that was regretted when the Witch Elves kebabbed two units of Chaos Knights...

And for 2018, my Pleasure Army will be ready for war!

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