maandag 28 augustus 2017

Dark Matter season 3

The third season of Dark Matter has just ended, which isn`t bad for a series based on a 4 issue comic book if you ask me.

Now, this series isn`t as "deep" as The Expanse, but think of it in the category like Andromeda Ascendant and the likes.

The third season is set against the backdrop of the war that has broken out between the corporations, and the "core crew" of the Raza, together with some on and off additions, have been struggling to restore peace while helping independant colonies. 
On the other side, their former crewmate and now Emperor of Zairon, Rio, is doing his best to prevent his empire from falling, and to that end he has his sight set on the experimental Blink drive the Raza now possesses.
This engine also serves as a plot device for both time travel as well as interdimensional travel, going as far as bringing alternate versions of themselves to the galaxy by accident.

Side arcs involve the growth of Android into a more conscious lifeform, and her search to meet her maker, and all of this is set against a growing alien invasion which undoubtedly will be a factor in the fourth season.

It`s light space opera, but it is an enjoyable, though not "high quality" show.  But that doesn`t matter, sometimes just sheer entertainment is all one is looking for on the television if you ask me.

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