dinsdag 29 augustus 2017

Voltron Legendary Defender season 2

The series that started Netflix's "assault" on the animated market, it is a true rendition of a very classic cartoon I grew up with.

While season 3 has been released in the meantime and season 4 in the pipeline, one can say I ain`t the only one having this nostalgia feeling.

In the second season, the war against the former Black lion paladin, and evil overlord, Zarkon continues.  The team has to find allies if they ever want to stand a chance of defeating him, and in their quest they also learn to work together more.  And as such unlock stronger powers on their lion and discover their inner selves some more.

Of course, there are the necessary sidestories and comical filler reliefs usually based around Hunk and / or Lance, but it was a most spectacular season and with an epic two parter finale.  In the end, they overcome the odds, but Shiro goes AWOL and we get to hear the namesdropping of their next enemy now that Zarkon has been defeated once and for all.

Gorgeously drawn and animated, and the "Form Voltron" sequence remains a truly cool piece of watching, without getting boring even though it is repeated at a ratio of about 1 in 2 episodes.  because, well, that`s what the whole series is about, a mighty robot made up out of 5 legendary lions after all...

And it was also the 10th anime series I`ve seen this year, so that can go of the 2017 objective list now as well...

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