zondag 27 augustus 2017

Cultist Conversions

One of the next units I`m painting up for the Emperor's Children is going to be a Cultist regiment of 20 strong.

Coming from the Cultist Assault boxed set, this means you just have 20 basic meatshields, I mean, Cultists, so some creativity is needed.

While I`m going to paint them as my old Necromunda Cawdor gang (the game is coming back woop woop), with blue overclothes and deep red pants, I`m also sniffling around to find the old metal Heavy Stubber for the unit when it reaches 20. 

The deal with the Cultists is that for every 10 models, you can take a flamer or a stubber, so to start the unit with it's first 10 models, I`m wanting to include a flamer as "stand and shoot" probably won`t be the playstyle I`ll be using for them, more "take bullets and deliver the Marines". 

To that end, I converted one of the basic handweapon and pistol guys by removing his weapons and adding one of the Chaos Marines sprue flamers instead.

For the champion, his hand weapon (a ball and chain) was removed from a regular cultist, and replaced with a big mean sword, as he will be carrying that basic combination anyways. 

Nothing fancy as such, but it are the first minor conversions I did since returning from retirement :-)

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