zondag 6 augustus 2017

Build Report: 70150 Chima Flaming Claws

A series subtheme that was a serious sink, the Speedorz from the Chima line where pull up cars that needed to navigate an obstacle course.

Which meant they went quite fast into discount, like this one was at -50%

At 65 parts, it also came with a "generation 2" Cragger figure, in his red detailed armour.  Furthermore, it included cards for the Chima trading cards series, as well as the pull up wheel and rope.

Cragger had some weapons in the form of a lance and a torch, not simple to hold the steering wheel with those in hand I think.

The pullcar bodywork is a stylised crocodile head, with printed detailing on it.  No stickers in these small sets.

It`s attached to the wheel, and flaming claws, hence the name of the set, are added to the sides.

The goal of the course is to aim and knock over, aka catch, the orb of flaming Chi energy.

In order to reach this though, you have to get past a venus trap like construction.  This is set up with red hinge plates at it`s core.

The leaves are then made two times, and attached to the sides of these plates.  Driving over it will cause it to snap shut and try to knock over Cragger and his speedorz bike.

In order to avoid this, we also make a small little ramp, which hopefully allows you to jump over it far enough and reach the Chi orb.

The set had some extra pieces as well

And the full set completed:

These sets aren`t that bad per se, but if you buy it purely for the parts, you`ll be stuck with the wheel and rope for the pulley though, as they don`t have much moc'cing use at all.

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