vrijdag 25 augustus 2017

Tiger & Bunny

Okay, let me start with a little declaration, I LOVED this series.

And it wasn`t even in my normal "mecha" style of series.

Toger and Bunny is a series that focusses on the lives of a group of superheroes in Stern City.  Superheroes, or Next's as they are called, have been heavily commercialised and do their heroics on a live TV show.  Ratings based on arrests made and such and at the end of a season, the hero of heroes is crowned.

When Mr Maverick, owner of one of the sponsoring companies, decides to form the first superhero team, he links the old hero and slowly retiring Wild Tiger to the young and upcoming Barnaby.  They both share the "100 power" making them best at everything, but only lasts for 5 minutes.

Both are very reluctant to this team up, and as a result they have to grow towards each other and learn to co-operate, with all the fails along the road.  At to this that both have serious life issues, with Tiger just wanting that his daughter, who doesn`t know he is a hero, would find him cool, and Bunny wanting to discover the murderer of his parents, and you got a dramatic and comical mix in one.

The drawing of the series is just fantastic, using vivid colours and large, clear lines, and the humour is really great with clumsy Kotetsu (Tiger) and drop dead serious Bunny (Barnaby).

Recommended watching!

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