zaterdag 5 augustus 2017

TSA Age of Sigmar 5000 points multi-player

Yesterday I finally reached one of my goals now that I`m back into wargaming, and that is that I fielded my army at last.

Part of a 5000 points alliance, the game was to try out things for the Mega Battle coming in two weeks, and seeing how some things worked.

And we have some little things we have to look at, like the Seraphon Engine rolling an 18 or Skarbrand's unit wiped rule...

Now, the forces where on the one side 2500 Death (Jo), including Neferata, Mannfred and a lord on dragon, banded together with 2500 Stormcasts (David) with their Celestial Prime.

On our side there was the Seraphon with their Slann Mage (Mike), Khorne Deamons (Cedric) with a Bloodthirster and Skarbrand, both numbering 2000 points, and my 1000 points Order force with a simple Empire general feeling very, very small amongst all those big hitters / models.

We did a regular pitched battle, and soon the forces where ready to hack into each other.

Now, in the end we played 3 turns as time ran out, the clock nearing midnight, but I did learn some very, very valuable lessons.  Rulewise, I got to get out of the idea of charge arcs, as this cost me my light cavalry very early in the game.  Another thing I`ll be having serious adaptation to go, is the battleshock.  My Witch Elves decimated a Skeleton unit, but in the end ran off as they had suffered a few casualties in return.

But a more detailed look at how my own army did, is something I`ll be having a look at tomorrow or monday.

Highlights of the battle included a Bloodthirster smashing into a lord on dragon, only to do, well, nothing, while being decimated in turn.

Witch Elves + Hag + Witchbrew is one serious amount of dice for a small unit of semi-naked chicks.

Skarbrand is an utter monstrosity, rolling up almost the whole Stormcast flank by itself.

Neferata has a mean ability with the -1 to hit.  I learned that to hit is perhaps even more important in AoS, which is basically a smashfest instead of carefull manoeuvring for the perfect charge, then to wound.

Mannfred survived three rounds of combat against almost the whole Seraphon army with his save, ignore first wound, and healing shennanigans.

And here are some more pictures:

In the end, the battle was called a draw.  My army was decimated, as I only had my halberds and militia standing firm with my general (I LOVE the Empire Hold the Line command ability), and a hag on a single wound duking it out somewhere with some skeletons.

That meant our complete left flank was on the verge of collapsing, the flying blokes and the cav unit ready to crash into the as lightly wounded Seraphon army.  On the other side of the table, the Khorne force was on the point of collapsing the Stormcast line, so it would come down to a big centre battle.  In all honesty, it depended if we would get a 4th turn who would get the initiative...

Great fun, and while I will be expanding my Order force for sure, the "style" of this new fantasy setting has motivated me however to get those Slaanesh warriors up and running asap!

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  1. Sums it up quiet nicely. Really usefull to play a testbattle before the bigg battle. C U on the battlefield.