donderdag 3 augustus 2017

Build Report: 30284 Tractor

A while ago, Axel, guru behind the excellent 80s Geek blog, asked if I would be doing anything LEGO related still.

While the initial answer would be "no", that did make me decide to do at least all the remaining Build Report materials I still have on my hard drive, and that is still, well, quite a lot.

So expect me to be sharing those set builds I made in my LEGO hobby regularly now, right until I finished them all from the backlog, and today I`m picking up the series with a small polybag set from the Creator range, the Tractor from 2015.

Numbering 51 parts, this is a smallscale vehicle and as we open the bag we get the instruction leaflet and the pile of parts.

The base of the vehicle is a black 2x6 plate, to which a hinge is added at the back for it's pulley.

The bottom side of the vehicle is blue, so we commence by laying down these foundations, including the blue mudflap element.

The underside gets the wheel axles installed, which are placed at differing heights, in order to accomodate the height difference of the wheels.

We put down the engine cap and the seating next, and then a small canopy is build around this area.

Addind some details and the wheels, it's now pretty clear while the wheel axles have a plate in height difference.

The small plow is then assembled next, making use of robot arms and hands to build it`s structure.

Once attached, the set is complete

And of course, we have some left over parts

It`s a nice little vehicle if you like to build smallscale cities or to put on your desk if you work in agriculture, but I`m afraid that, as it isn`t suitable for minifigures and the likes, this isn`t the most sought after set released.

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