woensdag 30 augustus 2017

Chaos Space Marines second part

The varnish has dried (glossy of course, they need to shine on the battlefield figuratively AND literally) on the second part of my Space Marine squad.

Continuing in the hefty pink and black colour scheme of the Emperor's Children, these Slaaneshi marines are already salivating at the thought of causing mayhem on the board.

It also adds a bit of the long range punch to the squad, as they hoist around the heavy bolter from the squad.

The rest is armed with the trusty boltgun to lay down a hail of bullets on all that stand against them.

And the full, "unified" squad in all it's delirious glory!

These guys add another 4 points to the goal of reaching 50 "power level" for my force by the end of the year, and will be making the solid base of the first 500 points games I hope to be playing soon, only some cultists to start and the champion to lead them who is now about halfway through...

For the Emperor!

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