donderdag 3 augustus 2017

FWC Whirlwinds and Knight Lancer

I added some ranged support to my Future War Commander force today, as the varnish is drying on three more models for the 6mm force.

While they are "Imperial" models, they will serve the forces of the Prince of Pleasure with joy in my Emperor's Legion force.

For long ranged artillery support, two of the old metal Whirlwind artillery units have been added.  I hope to paint up an FAO for them in the coming week, for which I`ll be using the old Thudd Gunn model.  This will allow my force to get ranged in support during the battle.

I painted one of the Whirlwinds in the old purple colourscheme, while the second one got the flashier pink and black of the post Heresy colours.

Another piece of heavier support is a Knight Lancer.  One of the three old variants, this one looked the most Chaos-y with it's beaked head and "chicken walker" look.

It also served as a testbed for a lot of the purples and pinks I bought recently, like the Dechala and the Emperor's Children GW colours.

Next up to finish is my small detachment of Night Lords to go with the force, so they will hopefully be done and posted tomorrow.

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