donderdag 31 augustus 2017

What I painted in August 2017

Another month passed by and that means it's time to tally up the things I`ve been painting during august 2017.

While not quite as much as I liked, due to holidays and some big real life doo-doo, I still managed to churn out a reasonable 20 figures for Future War Commander and 11 "heroics".

For the 6mm forces, these have been mainly for the Emperor's Children force I`m building and expanding on, but apart from that also my small detachment of Night Lords to go with the army.  Not that it matters one bit ruleswise, but it just looked cool to have some variation in the force, considering I`m going to do small sections for those armies (like, a single detachment) over time.

For Age of Sigmar, I pressed ganged myself to paint up the old Morathi figure, the version on foot.  This was due to the fact she needed to be on the table half of august to serve as a proxy for a Death Hag, and I succeeded in that just fine.

The final thing I finished as late as yesterday, where a squad of Chaos Space Marines, including heavy bolter and plasmagun, to form one of the core units of my force as such.

Not to bad in the end, but I hope to get my 500 points 40k Emperor's Children both painted and on the table during september.

That`s the target at least...

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