zondag 27 augustus 2017

Classic Lego Build: 4191 The Captain's Cabin

I must start with a confession on this set.

When I bought this 80 something pieces set, I thought it went actually INSIDE the Queen Anne's Revenge, but this is not so.

However, it does come with some lovely printed pieces, like the bottles with the Black Pearl inside, or the globe to go on the table.

Three figures are in this set, with of course the obligatory captain Jack Sparrow minifigure, as well as two of Blackbeard's henchmen.

The first thing we assemble of what is essentially a set of furniture, is the table.  I love how they use skeleton feet for the tablelegs, nifty design on that one.

Next up is the world globe, which can actually rotate on it's pedestal.

The final piece of furniture is the closet, which holds the Pearl bottle as a trophy (like in the movie, this is a nice touch).

The closet is then build into several layers.

Bones are added to the sides to give it an appearance in line with the actual ship set.

Some more decorations are then added and the closet is ready.

The full set completed:

While basically a furniture playset, the little thing has some things going for it with the printed elements and such.  Shame it doesn`t fit inside the boat, but it`s a lovely little thing in the end.

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