vrijdag 25 augustus 2017

FWC 6mm epic Contemptor Dreadnought

It isn`t much, but this is actually the first thing I`ve painted for three weeks.

Between parting with the whole Lego collection, a week of holidays and well, sad to say breaking up with the fiancee, not much paint works have been going on.

Well, until last night, as I`m back in the old Geek Bunker, and I just needed to clear my mind.  That resulted in finishing this small unit for use in Future War Commander, as part of my Emperor's Children force.

One of the later, bigger and robust dreadnought models, it has the looks of the 30k Contemptor, ideal for my "purple pre-heresy" part of the force, which I mix and match with the more traditional pink and black one.

Ever so slowly, brushes are being picked up again and hopefully the tempo will be back soon.

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