woensdag 2 augustus 2017

Alien Covenant

The sequel to Prometheus and the story leading to the tale of Alien, Covenant explores mostly what happened to Dr Shaw and David.

There is a small official clip on YouTube (and it will be on the BluRay) telling the journey of the survivors to their destination, the Engineers homeworld.

Ten years after Prometheus, the Covenant, a colony ship, is hit by a neutrino flare, damaging the ship.  This results in them picking up a signal playing "Country Road" from a nearby planet, and the crew decides to divert to that place instead of their target Origae 6.

However, upon arrival, some of the crew are infected by an alien pathogen, and soon creatures burst from their bodies.  This turns out to be the Engineers homeworld, whose population has been wiped out by David using the pathogen from Prometheus.  In an effort to create life and the perfect form, he has been experimenting with the pathogen, including killing and dissecting Dr Shaw, whose corps is found by the Covenant`s synthetic Walter. 
David lures captain Oram to a breeding chamber where he is infected by a Facehugger, a creature he created, and soon after the first Xenomorph bursts from his chest.

Walter and David face off, the former coming out victorious, as the Covenent retracts the survivors of the landing party, and defeat the alien by the now well tested method of spacing it.  However, as they go to the stasis pods, Daniels realises it isn`t Walter but David that is on board, and as she is put to sleep he wanders of to the colony bays, freezing in the embryo's of two Facehuggers...

The movie is a visual threat, even though the chestbursting alien doesn`t look as great actually in CGI then the old muppets from Alien and Aliens, and is supported by a mighty musical score.  Performances are strong along the board, and while a comment is that some characters don`t really have a background, another clip titled "The Last Supper" alleviates this a little bit.  And Michael Fassbender's performance as opposing synthetics David and Walter is just stellar.

A great movie, and while not on the level of both Alien or the ultimate sci-fi movie Aliens, it is a worthy addition to the franchise for my part.

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