woensdag 2 augustus 2017

Dark Elves classic Morathi

She arrived just yesterday by mail, but as she needs to be on the table friday, I pulled an all-nighter to get her ready.

This classic sculpt of the Dark Elf Queen Mother, Morathi, is one pretty looking sorcererss, though not as cool as her later Pegasus riding incarnation.

I will be fielding the model in my Grand Alliance Order force friday and during the big battle as a regular Witch Elf Hag though, as I was left with a 60 point "gap" to fill and that makes a nice commanding figure for my Daughters of Khaine section of the force that will be marching to battle alongst a mostly Empire army.

Being a character model, I went for the three tone style instead of the regular two tone one I`m using for my non-character (and non Slaanesh) models, giving her a bit more detail.

She was also a sort of testbed for most of the purple tones I bought last week, and I like how she turned out.


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