dinsdag 29 augustus 2017

FWC 6mm: Troops, Dreads and Observer

Got some more 6mm painting finished today as the varnish dried, and it have been some reinforcements for my 6mm Emperor's Children.

Nothing big or spectacular, it are three units of pretty "core like" troops.

The first is a stand of Marines, but this one comes with the missile launcher model, to be used as such when I should upgrade a stand of them in the game to go heavy hunting.

The second unit added are another stand of Dreadnoughts, to give some heavy troop support to my mainly for now infantry force.

The last thing was something I really needed to paint up, being the FAO in order to guide the barrages of my Whirlwinds I painted a while ago.

So that`s it, three small units to further boost my attempts of letting the galaxy burn...

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