woensdag 2 augustus 2017

TSA Dux Britanniarum Campaign # 1

Welcome to the first bunch of ramblings I`ll be doing the coming months about this game and campaign.

I enlisted, having never played the game, and I am going to put my thoughts during the run down here on this corner of the internet.

Now, today I picked up the rulebooks and cards from a buddy of mine, and I can start studying, but I already now my place, position, rank, lord etc etc as I rolled these up with the campaign master two weeks ago.

I`ll be taking up the mantle of Clustfeinad, Legatus of Glouvia, a 38 year old lord.  Located smack in the middle, my neighbours are another 1 province commander (Joeri, someone that joined the club during my sabbatical and I don`t know as such) and our Lord, Glenn (a bloke I know from day 1 at TSA, so that is going to work out I think).
map notes property of Jo
My other Nobles are the 21 year old Docidocus, and 22 year old Petif, while Meurig, my 22 year old champion will be fighting for land and the Lord Jesus Christ, as I have "catholic" as faith versus the pagans.  Which will be funny, considering my lord has ties with the Saxon invaders, being brother in law or something to the invaders ruler.

Of course I already shopped around for some upgrading, tossing down a watchtower and an old hill fort on my province, and as such upgrading rank to Legatus, and a Bard that accompanies me on my adventures.

Which from a tactical point of view won`t be the most adventurous of all, as I said, I still got to learn it all, and while my "game tactics" might be rusty as it has been ages since I played Dark Ages, I think I`ll be minding my own business in the initial months and years of the campaign.  bit of like "let me tend to my cows and my nuns" kind of approach.

Well, lets see how it`ll go!  Now to look for some figures to build my own force...

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