donderdag 31 augustus 2017

Dux Britanniarum 30/8 AAR: Saxons vs Romano British

And there we have it, I finally got to play DB in order to be more or less boot-camped for the TSA campaign.

Going over to my mate Glenn (who is also my "lord" in the campaign) to see the rules in action, I took command of a Saxon force that would try and raid a village and withdraw from the premises before the British arrived.

My pre-battle movement made it so that I had a line at the edge of the village to face off the defenders, while my missile troops and one unit of levy went to the houses to try and grab the loot.

They both quickly battered down the doors, in order to be able to search the places.

In the meantime, the first casualty of the battle falls as one of my elites is shot down by the british archers.

I wanted to try the combat sequence asap, and as such tossed a lord and his levy unit against the heaviest hitters of the british: a unit of elites with their Lord and Champion.  This mostly served to know and feel how combat worked before I would commit my main battleline.

The Levy are wiped out, and the nobleman surrenders, only to be executed on the spot by the british lord.

And down went the saxon morale...

My main line now crashed with two units of warriors with a noble, facing off my elites with lord and champion, as well as another unit of warriors. 

One of the warriors units is forced back, but the other ones hold on for dear life, blocking my advance through his line for now.

That second unit is finally wiped out, but my main combat line is reduced far below it's fighting ability as a result.

On the other side, the second block of troops faces off a larger force of levy, so it`s hoping that the warriors I have in that fight will make the difference.

In the meantime, my scavengers found the loot and started moving to the table edge, but I was down on one morale point left.  Could my line hold and secure the loot, allowing me to grab at least a draw as a result?

Unfortunatly not.  As a unit of levy break due to excessive shock, I flunk the morale modifier roll with a 6 and drop to 0, causing the points to be tallied.

The end result was a crushing 8 - 2 victory for Glenn, and I admit I rarely had the chance for grabbing the win.  Had the unit held and the loot being carried off, a draw might have been possible, but the last turn of combat was a disaster and reduced my fighting force to some straggling survivors, while yielding some good points to my opponent.

But it was fun to finally put the theory of the rulebooks into practice, and I learned some good lessons, and observed some points I`m surely going to play on in my game as a result.

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  1. Try to combine at least 2 Levy units into a mass formation and shieldwall. They are very resistant to anything thrown at them as long as they are not outflanked.