maandag 28 augustus 2017

Game of Thrones season 7

While numbering only 7 episodes (though 4 of them are well beyond the normal timecount), the latest season of GoT was a visual spectacle.

With only one 6 episode series to go, and apparently having deviated quite a lot from the still to be written books, it will retain in large lines the same story, but the details will undoubtetly change a lot.

Now, for all it`s visual appeal, it does feel a bit rushed at times, which you`ll notice as you see it, with whole armies going from point a to b in seconds.  And that includes a Danearys action from Dragonstone to past the Wall, basically covering the whole map of Westeros.

Now, apart from that, it has been a great and political laden story.  One by one, Cersei has been (trying to) removing the allies of Dany from the board.  But when the two armies DO meet, the Lannisters aren`t a match for the combined force of dragon, Unsullied and Dothraki, forcing Cersei back on King's Landing and strugling for survival.

Enter Jon Snow, King in the North, who comes to seek the aid of Dany and show her the danger of the Great War that is about to start.  The dead are near, and it even costs Dany a dragon (Viserion) to hold them off and escape.  And that dragon is the one that showed up on the series teasers as the Night King's mount, and the one that spectacularly breaks the Wall at Eastwatch by Sea.

Now, the final season is said to pick up right here, with the invasion of the dead, and of course there will be political consequences as well, as the long living fan theory of "R+L=J"... has turned out to be true.  Jon isn`t a bastard, he is the one and only rightfull heir to the Iron Throne.

Though I doubt I`ll be watching, they killed of my personal favorite character this season...

Just kidding, I can`t wait for it!

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