zondag 27 augustus 2017

Chaos Space Marine Tactical Squad

The first part of a 10 man Tactical Squad for my Emperor's Children has been completed, providing the "core" of the unit.

These are the troops to make up the Legion (until the new Noise Marines come around), and as such are for me a "required" picking.

I went for the plasma gun option in this squad, to do some damage control against more heavy armoured troops, as my Nemesis is a Death Guard player and as such many infights will be taking place within  the Warp in the future.

The champion is equipped as such with a plasma pistol as well, and the obligatory (kuch) power fist for dishing out some anti-armoured pain.

Of course, the unit comes with it`s own Icon of Slaanesh, to show where it`s loyalties lie!  Okay, the pink colour scheme might be a give-away, but heck...

Next on the painting row, the remaining 5 Marines for this unit...

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