zaterdag 26 augustus 2017

On the Painting Desk 9

Welcome to another instalment of the Painting Desk, and while it has been quiet in progress the past weeks due to a variety of reasons, I`m ready to go forward once again.

Mind also the change in scenery, as I`m back in the Geek Bunker after seeing my relationship end.  I`m on the right track though, and rolled into another (and no, not in how you think that would have happened if you read this).

But that means I now have continous space once again, and don`t hae to clean and store every figure and paint after using it.  As such, I can work on a variety of things in the go, and I`ve been prepping my paint area the past two days as such.

The first thing on the list to work on are the unit of basic Chaos Marines, long overdue to be completed.  I`m going to do them in two batches of five, the first making it a "playable" squad, the second batch expanding on that.

The cultist are something I hope to have undercoated by next week, as I still need to scour eBay for some suitable command and special weapon models.  Female and sexy preferably...

Their Aspiring Champion that is in the box however will be started on after the marines, as he will be the leader for my small force come the first games.

Something I`ll be doing in between, while inks dry and such, are the few stands of 6mm Emperor's Children for my Future War Commander force.  That will be a set of dreadnoughts, a thudd gun to serve as artillery observer, and a stand of marines with missile launcher upgrade.

I also have the models undercoated already in 6mm for the small Word Bearer detachment, but those won`t see much work soon.

My Age of Sigmar forces will be receiving some extra models as well.  After their sterling performance in the big battle last week, I`m going to add an additional 20 handgunners to the force.  Of those, 10 will become more Hochland troops, in order to round them out in the end with an additional 10 including command for a block of 30.

The other 10 will be painted in the colours of another state for variety between troops, and the start as such for that regiment.

I also got a Chaos Spawn by Kromlech glued together and awaiting undercoat, as well as the Sigvald special character who will become a fitting Lord on foot for my Slaanesh force.  Round this out with the Naga character from the Avatars of War range, who whill become a Herald as she is very fitting for being 1. a female figure and 2. snake tailed, and she can be used as a cross game character together with the spawn for bot AoS and 40k.

So that's a lot of things going on at the moment on the painting desk, let`s see where we get during the coming week!

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