Warhammer Underworlds

 Perhaps the game I play the most, and definitly been enjoying the most (and not only for the uber easiness of transportation), I decided to dedicate a page to all the warbands I have, and have painted up.

I'm putting this page by expansion, and then under each expansion the names of the warbands I own.  When said band then gets finished, I'll add a group picture of the warband.

If you want to know how they fared on the boards of battle, check out the Battle Stats tab on the top of this blog, where I have been recording my progress in games since coming back to the hobby years ago, and as Underworlds came out after that moment, that means all my games are actually mentioned there!
Steelheart's Champions
Garrek's Reavers

Stormsire's Cursebreakers
Thorns of the Briar Queen

Thundrik's Profiteers 

Zarbag's Gitz
Grashrak's Despoilers
Skaeth's Wild Hunt
The Grymwatch
Rippa's Snarlfangs 
Ironsoul's Condemnors
Lady Harrow's Mournflight

Morgwaeth's Blade Coven
Myari's Purifiers
The Dread Pageant
Kagra's Ravagers
The Crimson Court 
Kainan's Reapers

Elathain's Soulraid

The Exiled Dead

Hexbane's Hunters
Cyreni's Razors 

Thricefold Discord
Brethren of the Bolt

Special (this are models for special White Dwarf etc expansions)

Fomoroid Crusher (White Dwarf solo play rules)

 Grombrindal (500th issue White Dwarf special)

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