zaterdag 27 oktober 2012

The Playstation Battle... 2 months to go

Okay, so I am loosing this big time.  When l and Andy started this challenge, I was about 6000 points behind last january.

I managed around easter and the Saint Seiya game to actually top him briefly, but then I started painting again and my PS3 gaming went down the drain, resulting in an almost unbridgable gap between us now.

As it currently stands, I'm almost 10000 points lagging behind, with only 2 more months to go, which would mean that even if he doesn't play a single game nor gain a single trophy, I would still need to platinum 10 games to even draw close to him.

I might rechallenge him for 2013, as I now have possession of 'Gaming Minions Still in Training' to oppose his legion of trained players hehehe.

Anyways, here are the statistics as they stood this morning:


37% into Level 12, 894 trophies collected

2 Platinum Trophies
38 Gold Trophies
158 Silver Trophies
696 Bronze Trophies

19 games completed out of 152 games

18960 points

1703 National Ranked, 130250 Global Ranking


51% into level 13, 1203 trophies collected

6 Platinum Trophies
76 GoldTrophies
225 Silver Trophies
896 Bronze Trophies

14 games completed out of 126 games

28110 points

1150 National Ranked, 84726 Global Ranking

As you can see, I'm being thoroughly bashed here, as he has collected even more Bronze trophies then I do overal, the only statistic I'm actually beating him on at the moment is the 100% completion of games.

It'll be hard, it'll be near impossible, but I'm still going to try and at least try to get back to the starting point of 6000 points gap.  Minions, to me!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Consider our 2012 challenge as a warm-up for the 2013 clash.

    You've got painting, MtG and tabletop wargames to get disctracted and I've got my instructor training , MtG and boardgames to distract me ... that evens it out ;-)

  2. Strikeback Team... Andy, really... why not something more in your sportlife, like, I dunno, Floormat or Bloodstreak?

    Your ass will be mine, but let's make the challenge at least then on 'points gained' instead of 'highest rank'?

  3. lol! still need to change that :-)
    We switched to wordpress for the blog of the club, so no more need for this avatar here on google ...

    points gained? Why not, sounds fair to me. We'll let it run from januari the first until the 31 of december then. you can post the leaderboard now and again ;-)