maandag 11 juli 2016

A total overhaul of Build Projects

I blame StarCom.  Okay, no, I don`t actually, but I admit that, like I said before, I enjoy a "geeky" convention far more then a regular Lego convention.

It`s on the one hand a variety thing, as you have a totally different audience, and on the other hand the style of builds you tend to take along to those sorts of conventions.

I am a sci-fi and fantasy geek, and a lover of LEGO, so for me personally, this sort of conventions is more tailored for me then LEGO ones.  For example, 9 out of 10 know a Cardassian Galor when they see one in LEGO at those conventions, while at a pure LEGO event, this is perhaps 3 out of 10.  Saves a lot of "what is that" tales ;-)

Now, as I do attend all those conventions our LUG, BeLUG, visits with a club delegation, I have been thinking I might perhaps be better off putting my regular LEGO builds for online game and group lay-outs a bit to the back, and focus the coming year and a half more on the things I want to try to recreate and take along to those cons.

To that end, I have removed the planned Shire and Harry Potter builds for the moment from my priority list, and slotted in some other builds in my goals that are more feasible to get done.  The fact I need to wait on the LUGBULK for my xl baseplates and the breakdown of Quinnsville after Brick Mania Antwerp this year adds to this as well.  I wouldn`t get them finished anyways...

My new project deadline as such, is currently drafted up like this:

Before the beginning of september 2016, I would love to finish some builds I had already hoped to be able to take along to StarCom yesterday, but surely get them ready for FACTS.

The NX-class Enterprise.  I loved the series, and the vessel goes along nicely with my always worn lucky cap ;-) At current, she is nearing completion, I just need to put the warp nacelles together.

The "Abramsverse" reboot USS Enterprise, taking into account the new movie is about to hit the movietheatre's shortly, and she is a pretty ship.

From the same reboot franchise, the poor Kelvin that started it all, and lend it`s name to the new rebooted universe's official name.

For FACTS itself, taking place near the end of october, I want to get one of my overly ambitious projects ready: my Battlestar.  The rebooted Galactica in all it`s glory.

And just to make sure I have some variation, I would love to finish something towards the end of november as well.  Childhood favorite and legendary anime status Goldorak.  if only to not be building in mainly greys for once.

But I have also been drafting up my build list for the year 2017, so that I can plan my trading towards loose parts for these future builds.

By the time FACTS spring comes around, somewhere near april, I would love to have some Mecha done.  First and foremost, finally the Freedom gundam I want to build for like 3 years now.

But also Gipsy Danger, from that movie I just keep adoring!

By the beginning of july, my crown jewel should be finished, a massive Galaxy class starship to dwarf all those UCS Star Wars sets that come along ;-)  The revenge of the Trek!

And my third hyperambitious and large project should be ready by FACTS 2017, probably near the october mark again... the city ship of Atlantis from Stargate.

Yeap, that`s a lot of BIG builds in the pipeline, and with a large of grey plates that will be commissioned to these ends.  I`ll be tinkering with the Harry Potter and Shire builds in between, as well as some other side projects I got in mind.  Thingies that I really adore as well in pop culture, but that I`m still pondering about on how to get going with them.  namely the USS Excelsior, the Deep Space Nine station and Cherno Alpha...

Well, that`s it, wish me luck in all my building endeavours the coming months!

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