zaterdag 30 juli 2016

Dimensions Marathon Result

Well, like I stated last weekend, the past 5 days I had some free time to put in some decent gaming sessions into Lego Dimensions.

Wanting to push closer to the 480 Gold Bricks in both the past week, as well as the last week of august where I can do it again, the poratl was powered up and the hunt began.

And I did rather okay actually, raising my meagre 152 bricks to a more decent 310 at the moment.

I also completed all Dimesnion World and all Levels their Rulebreaker requirement, collected the last remaining red bricks I missed and 100%'ed the Dimension of Ninjago.

Not to shabby at all, so end of august I`m going to aim first and foremost to get as many bricks from the other Dimensions as well, as I`d love to end with around 400 when Year 2 arrives.

We`ll see if the calendar co-operates...

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