zondag 24 juli 2016

The Haul Report # 39

Well, this week has been one of literally "in house" trading...

You see, the Smurf had to clean up his room after making it look like a real battlefield, and as he opened cabinet after cabinet... a couple of Lego sets actually turned up in which he had totally no intrest in building.

So being the cool bloke that I am, and not looking to make any profit over a 10 year old`s stash, I traded him his two sealed sets, a Technic bike and a Pirate Code game, for my Final Duel Star Wars set so he finally had his Darth vader and Palpatine figs.  We also progressed through trading some more minifigures that I had lying aside for him for a Mister Gibbs, another small Technic set that popped up and a wee little Creator 3 in 1 set.

Kids happy, so I`m happy... though I`ll have to stock up again on SW figs for the future now I fear ;-)

In other news, the 8x8 plate that was missing from a previous Brick Link order arrived past monday, so I could finish my USS Kelvin I showed earlier this week.

The final trade came with BeLUG member Hans, who had a lot of plates and other elements from my "want" in exchange for some Chicken Coops, a Western Emmet and an Olaf minifig :-)

Lot of scratching off`s from the Galactica parts needed have followed that evening!

And that`s it for the week, see you all again next weekend and enjoy the summer!

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