zondag 31 juli 2016

The Haul Report # 40: Classics and Exclusives

A bit of a totally awesome week this time, as I scored a lot of exclusives, but also a lot of classic sets.

The first of the exclusives I obtained was the Green Arrow for Lego Dimensions, who ingame is like Legolas, but I also got the other figure exclusive, Supergirl, who plays like Superman ingame.

The weekly trip to the Kringloop yielded another bunch of Lego sets, my padawan (aka, mum) did a good find there with 3 classic elements sets, of which two are still sealed.  I fell of my chair seeing what those "do" over on BrickLink, considering I paid 3 euro a box.

But also a lot of the Kingdoms action figures, at 2 euro each, which are great sources for the connector and joint elements.

I also brought along a lot of PS2 games which I found at 1 euro per game.  These usually are tradeable at a value between 4 to even 10 euro a game these days as they are becoming the new "80s toys" on the collector market.

I picked up the new Nexo Knights magazine, coming with two spider minions.

During the Dimensions Marathon past week, I needed Cyborg or Emmet, whom I both lacked in my collection, for a level.  I opted in the end to buy the robotic Justice League member due to his ability to use lasers underwater.

My local goodwill store had this awesome sealed polybag, hailing from 1992 it was given out back then only on airlines, and neither eBay nor BrickLink has any for sale.

My Martian Manhunter polybag also finally found it`s way to me, as I had this traded with some dinosaur sets a while ago.

Making use of the beginning of July sale that TwoMorrows holds every year, I completed my collection of Brick Journals some more.

Finally, there is of course the current Pokemon craze, due to the Pokemon GO app, but as a longtime Pokemon fan I obtained some items for myself.  After completing Diamond on my DS years ago, I now obtained a Pearl version for the DS, and the hunt in Sinnoh can recommence in order to fill that Pokedex as well to the max.

The final item is also Pokemon related, as I got this Ash and Pikachu set from Minifigures.me, complete with printed pokeball tiles and Pokemon Go cellphone, a limited edition item they are currently selling.

I`m so going to make a moc with that last one...

A truly epic week this has been, and I doubt I`ll be topping this anytime soon...

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