woensdag 13 juli 2016

USS Enterprise NCC-1701 (Kelvin Timeline)

Right on time for the Beyond movie release, I completed my build of the Enterprise herself.

While the first reboot movie was a good film, the Into Darkness gig was a lot less.

But the true star of the rebooted franchise, the Enterprise, is a real gem, perhaps the most gorgeous rendition of the iconic ship to me right after the Constitution A from the original crew movies.

I am in the process, as you could read on this blog a few days ago, of building all kinds of sci-fi thingies NOT Star Wars in Lego, to offer some sort of counterbalance to all that in our convention team at BeLUG.  And of course, Star Trek is first and foremost on my list of things I want to do.

This vessel is about the size of a regular Star Wars Lego set, think an X-Wing or such, and should stand nicely on our tables as such, and still be easy to transport.  Though that is a relative speaking thing, as the nacelles are more or less fragile, and the weight of the saucer section makes her front heavy, even with the stand.

She was designed by an excellent builder called Tintin1YouTube, if you google on that name you can find the ship and a lot of other great builds he has done of Star Trek vessels.  However, this vessel needed a couple of serious modifications due to "gravity" issues, which arise in between the design of a digital version and an actual physical model.

One of the issues on that part are for example the nacelle pyolns.  In the original design, then rest on two "clicker connectors"  to which only a plate has been added for "visuals" and this can`t hold the weight of the nacelles themselves, making them VERY flimsy.  The whole build in of those pylons as such has been reworked adding crossplates and tiles to solidify those without trying to make them to bulky. 

The same goes for example with the front / stand combination, as the weight of the build sits mostly in the saucer section.  This causes the model to be front heavy and topple forward, needing a double support on the base.

She measures a nice 48 studs in length, and the saucer has a diameter of 22 studs, for a total of about 400 elements.

The vessel itself for my tastes resembles the movie version close enough, hope you like it!

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