maandag 18 juli 2016

Classic Lego Build: 6952 Solar Power Transporter

In today`s classic build, we are visiting a 1985 Space set, the Solar Power Transporter.

While I like the ships of that era, the ground vehicles... not so much.  They just didn`t do it for swooshing kid me 30 years ago.

And this large wheeled machine was no difference.

The set comes with 4 Lego spacemen, including one of the harder to find black ones.

And it also had a little robot companion, which is the first thing we are putting together.

We then start the basis of the vehicle, centered around a plate and large hinge pieces to have the compartments front and aft being able to swivle as the machine manoeuvres over rocky terrain.

This central part then gets build up and has the connectors for the auxiliary vehicles to be attached to it.

Side panels surround the computer center to manage the power operations.

Using trans red antenna pieces, the roof of this central part of the vehicle is then added.

And we put the large wheels in place...

The first of the additional vehicles is made, based around a grey plate.

Using a large cockpit underpiece, this is then shaped in it`s roughly triangular form.

Small wings and a canopy are then installed on this vehicle.

Adding the large wheels, it is connected on the main body of the Transporter.

We repeat this build to get to the vehicle on the other side as well next.

Next, we do another double build, as small rocket powered modules are put together and installed on the roof.

These can be disconnected and attached to the back of the wheeled vehicles for small support vehicles, but I forgot to take a picture of that, and the thingie has long been sorted out as there is over a year since I build it, and now am posting the build report

The vehicle completed:

Like I said, while it`s a rather impressive model sizewise, it just didn`t do much for me in my childhood years.  For me, space is spaceships, and you can`t decently swoosh a truck now can you ;-)

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