vrijdag 8 juli 2016

Build Report: 30274 AT-DP

Today`s build is the small, but very cool (and parts intresting) Star Wars Rebels AT-DP walker.

A small set, it came with the newspapers here past december for 3 euro, so that`s not to shabby for this, and it`s all grey, so yeey...

Opening the bag, we get the pile of parts for the build.

It all begins with a grey 2x4 plate, onto which we place a 1x2 trans red plate.

Hinge pieces are added to this, to allow the "chicken legs" to go onto it.

This central waist section is then completed to serve as the basis to which the whole walker is build.

Next, we are putting the cabin, or "head" onto it, with the large lasercannon at the front.

The use of SNOT for the sideplates give the head the volume and look from the cartoon series.

Next, we make a mirrored build for the legs of the machine.  These bend backwards at the knees, to give it the typical walk that made those walkers earn their name `chickens`.

As with every set, a few additional pieces are included.

And the set completed:

A nifty little set, this one is also great for the parts, and it`s one that is often found on the cheap online these days as the market has been flooded with them at the end of last year, so pick em up!

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